BasicProfileScreen Validity
BasicProfileScreen Validity

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To know the real predictive value of a personality test, you have to examine whether the instrument predicts the behaviour it claims to measure. BasicProfileScreen claims to measure professional behaviour. This means we pretend to be able to foretell the probability of success in a job purely on the basis of the test results.

“Securitas Belgium provided us with the necessary data to proof our assertion. ”

The strongest and most concrete predictions we make with BasicProfileScreen are the JobMatchers. A JobMatcher compares someone’s professional personality with the personality related job requirements. They predict in ‘hard percentages’ the chances on success in a specific job.

In 2010 we used JobMatchers at Securitas Belgium to predict the success rate of 70 newly recruited guards. After 9 months we tested our predictions. As a measure of success we examined which recruits were still in service

A JobMatcher calculates in percentages the similarity between the professional profile of a recruit and the measured reference profiles of guards working at Securitas.Results19 of the 70 newly recruited security guards score within the category plus 80%. Only two of them left the company. This is merely 10,5% in a timeframe of 9 months. Success rate is almost 90%!15 of the 70 new recruited guards score within the category between 40 & 60%. Seven of them left the company. The success rate declines to 53,33%

Under 40, only 1 on 4 stays…


“This means our Success Prediction is almost exact proportional to success in real life.”