All individuals have a unique professional personality.

Every company is unique as well and demands specific social -, functional- and dynamic requirements.

So it’s obvious we only offer tailor made solutions based on the insights we gather with BasicProfileScreen. Not in a theoretical way, but empirical founded, fast, explanatory, budget friendly and with a lot of practical advantages.

Generally, our expertise is facilitating decisions that have to be made concerning people, from the worker on the factory floor to the CEO and in a broad variety of professional areas. (References).

Seeing intrinsic motivation & the global picture of a professional personality we can start building from any ‘situation’. Depending on the needs and wants we have different ways to provide the right information:



Automated reports

Reference Profiling is an example of the versatility of BPS.

This is where we beat the theoretical models in efficiency and in accuracy. Creating a reference profile is very easy at the one hand and

the validity of the result is empirical proven at the other hand.*

We are not aware of a better or more cost friendly tool/model to match a professional personality on job requirements.

Instead of starting from theory, we use BPS to tell us what is the actual intrinsic motivation of those people that like to do the job today. And, we can assure you that a nurse has an almost diametrical profile compared with that of an average engineer.

Imagine the possibilities of this (f)actual and empirical knowledge.

Matching a profile with a reference profile is a proven success. By comparing a profile with the average success profile, sufficient areas of the Professional Personality are explored and explained that are typical and important for success within a job/organisation.

Finding out what vacancy fits best, is only one of the possible results.

Automated Reports can contain

  • JobMatching based on Reference Profiles (VacancyFit)
  • Scores on Company Specific Competences
  • Warnings for Pitfalls
  • Basic Management Styles
  • Personal Feedback

Automated Reports can be used for

  • MassRecruitment
  • SelfAssessment
  • Casting
  • Ongoing Recruitment

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Holistic reporting

Holistic reporting draws a global picture of the professional behaviour. It combines all bits of information to create a full view on the Professional Personality. This holistic view gives the client an advantage of three months in getting to know someone better.

This knowledge can be used for selection, mutation, rotation, promotion and other choices to be made about (future) employees.

Holistic Reports became products as

  • TeleReports
  • Blind Screen
  • Assessment

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HR-Dashboard & Audit Reports

Measuring progress, watching evolutions and being months ahead in understanding team members or co-workers, can all be available.

Receiving insights in team structures and group dynamics will show you how you can put together teams the most productive way.

Guard the values of your organisation and see whether they are met. Promoting these values with the help of BPS will provide you the insights to focus on the right people and ways to coach them best.

This new multi-functional HR-Dashboard managers should have.

It’s a great tool to make valid decisions concerning people.

HR-Dashboards are possible for teams, divisions or the whole company,

when employees fill in the questionnaire, 72 choices away.

Audit reports are used for

  • Team Analysis
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Personal Evolution Reports
  • HR Capital measurment
  • HR Dashboards

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We can offer remote and personal coaching based on our insights

  • Personal Development Plan
  • SWOT-Analysis
  • Depth Analysis

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Support Services

We strive for the best use and interpretation of BPS-results. We are always stand-by to support and help you in using our tools.

Our support services include

  • Education & Training
  • Open line for advice (free)
  • Company Coach

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Technical Services

Having the test online with the company’s looks, with an admin site to govern and generate PDF reports… it’s possible.

With a specific and unique URL and the help of datastrings, we can store the data for later analyses and statistical studies.

Our technical services include

  • DataBaseManagement (free)
  • Creation company-own tool
  • Company-own Admin site with generation of company specific reports
  • Site for SelfAssessment (free)


  • Creation of Empirical competences.
  • Creation of Empirical JobMatchers. The norm profile could become the frame of reference everytime there are vacancies for a specific job.
  • Transparant measurements; know how to use the available intrisic motivations of people.
  • In depth profile analyses of each person filling in the basicProfile test.
  • Know where the high potentials are and how to use them.
  • Insights about the human Capital and how to optimize this.

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