Why BPS?
Why BPS?
MBTI, OPQ, BIG5, DISC, INSIGHTS, PAPI, PI, ENNEAGRAM, BFAC,… all of these tools/models measure and/or describe parts of a personality.

“None of these tools/models though go as far as BasicProfileScreen does.”

The ‘discovery’ of BasicProfileScreen was not the result of a theoretical quest but arose from a practical need to serve our clients the best we could. Our goal was a quick and easy to use instrument to distinguish a sales engineer from a service engineer and a project leader from a calculator. We started analyzing all job requirements of our clients to find out what was crucial for them when they were defining ‘the ideal candidate’ and this for a broad range of jobs.

“We ended up with nine fundamental behavioral processes that characterized all types of jobs!”

This is where we started to see the skeleton of a Professional Personality and soon it became clear we were actually measuring the Intrinsic Motivation of people within a professional context.


Thanks to our ‘magnifying glass’, it was easy to convince our clients and since, every day again, this tool/model proofs we are on the right track to unravel the Professional Personality to the bone. It was only in 2009 we found out the particular order of these nine corner blocks and the logical universal matrix-model to look at the people behind it. Now we would love You to discover the unique values BPS can offer whenever decisions about people have to be made. We could sum hundreds of reasons why to choose for BPS. Here are at least a few…



1. BPS is developed out of practice, was empirical validated and became evidence based 

We were working almost 10 years as a recruitment and selection company for engineers when we decided in 1995 to do a factor analysis on all job requirements we knew. Engineers can do technical jobs, but they can become managers as well, or go for technical administration or sales or organisation… This wide variety of possible jobs (and requirements), is the reason why our factor analysis resulted in 9 basic variables that cover the fundamental aspects of all kinds of jobs. That’s why we can measure a Professional Personality.

At the start we used the BPS-tool within this very technical context as all our clients were engineers. They all had a ‘hard’ scientific background and were super critical towards ‘psychology’ and psychological measurement systems. It wasn’t difficult though to convince them as BPS described and declared what they observed or what they knew about themselves.

The more we used the tool, the more ‘logic results’ we found, the more face validity we gathered and the more evidence we found for its validity.  Predicting professional behaviour or success became normal. Empirical validation we found everywhere, but the study we did within Securitas made clear that our statistical predictions were almost 1 on 1 reflected in reality. We think this is the best you can get, measuring & predicting human behavior. 

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2. BPS offers a solid and clear definition of a (professional) personality

A personality has in essence the same structure as every living cell has.

Definition; A Personality evolves as a membrane, interacting between energy in the Inner World and dimensions in the Outside World. The energy in the Inner World consists out of three primal forces: Experience, Survive and Orientate. The Outside World offers three dimensions: Dynamic, Social and Functional. They restrict and trigger the energy from the inner world.

Everywhere a force is confronted with a dimension, a fundamental behavioral process arises.

A professional personality is the unique way how the forces in the inner world divide their energy over the dimensions in a professional context (= outside world). BasicProfileScreen captures this distribution in 9 simple verbs and corresponding scores: 3 forces X 3 dimensions. See Matrix.

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3. BPS explains the global behaviour, not only fragments

Every single score tells a story. Every combination of two scores tells a broader story and the combined interpretation of three scores again will bring a wider and deeper insight.

Interpreting the scores on the 9 behavioural processes, the complete picture of a professional personality reveals itself and this interpretation is never contradictory, explains the several facets of the same personality, explains what happens under stress, in unknown situations, if criticized, and so on.

This only is possible when there is a deeper understanding of the powers underneath and only when these are the effective powers.

That’s why it’s possible also to type anyone in a unique and very individual way.

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4. BPS gives you the possibility to exercise PsychoChemistry

As we capture the elementary aspects or the ‘atoms’ of a personality, we can combine them to ‘molecules’ in different ways and see the logic behind ‘normal’ behavior.

Extraversion is a well-known psychological concept, measured by several tests. Extraversion is a very complex behavioural aspect, a ‘molecule’, with exponents in different dimensions. Seeking contact with other people (Send) is an elementary behavioural aspect, making part of the complex ‘extraversion’. ‘Send’ is an atom BPS measures, besides other atoms of extraversion.

Dominance as well is a complex behavioural aspect, a ‘molecule’ and ‘telling people loud and clear what you think’ (Dictate), is an elementary one, an atom, measured by BPS and making part of the molecule ‘dominance’.

BPS can reduce almost every ‘behavioural molecule’ to its elementary atoms and vice versa, create new molecules starting from the atoms. This is what we call PsychoChemistry.

Other tests mainly measure complex aspects of behaviour or molecules. BPS measures the elementary aspects, the atoms and with those, you can build the complex molecules as if they were chemical fusions. That’s why BPS can measure almost all competences related to a Professional Personality and this in an indirect way, making the results more reliable! That’s why BPS can measure almost all variables other tools do as well. BPS is like having a dozen tests all in one.

After 15 years working with BPS, nobody ever could tell us another elementary, basic behavioural process or atom besides the ones we measure. Please, if you find a tenth one, inform us. This fact reinforces our persuasion that we reached the fundamentals of a professional personality.  

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5. BPS not only ‘sees and understands’ individuals but groups as well

Often it’s easier to understand the average result of a group than the professional personality of an individual. We’ve done demographic studies about unemployment, gender-differences, geographic differences and so on.

We use the average result of good performers within a specific job to create reference profiles. A reference profile tells us in detail what the major job requirements are.

Benchmarking is another possibility. We know the average profile of an engineer with 3 to 7 years experience or the one of a very specific job such as lawyers. We can as well compare eg. first line leaders such as foremen, chief operators, office-managers or head nurses.

We use average scores also for team-analysis and we can project an individual score on a team-score to see in a glimpse the important struggle-points.

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6. BPS uses simple verbs and a clear language to explain behaviour 

As BPS uses simple verbs to explain complex behaviour, anyone can understand on a first level what’s told. Debriefing people is easy as they grasp easy what you’re telling, reporting people is easy as the used language is.

Another advantage of simple verbs and clear language is that BPS insights are not the exclusive domain of HR. Everywhere BPS is used, all kind of managers are interested in the results and can learn from them. This means HR and operational managers will speak the same language when discussing an employee or a possible new working force.

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7. BPS will help you make more profit

This happens in several ways:

  • Every decision you have to take about people, can be founded by insights from BasicProfile. This way you increase the chances that your decision is the best possible.
  • Discovering the intrinsic motivation of your people, will help you to ‘cast’ them. The more people can do tasks they like to do by nature, the happier they are, the better their results and the less you have to invest in external motivators and in controlling their work.
  • It’s easy to measure how good performers profile them selves. Afterwards these results can be used as a solid reference frame for selection, rotation, mutation, promotion. VacancyFit
  • You can discover the empirical competences of your employees and get a better understanding of how they come to results. Starting with this information the efforts you put in talent-management will pay off.
  • Knowing the professional personality from the start, it’s possible to guide individuals that are new in the organization tailor made with as a result a much better chance on success.
  • Reasons for absenteeism, conflicts, underachievement,… can be learned by BPS.
  • It’s easy to create a simple HR Dashboard making efficient HR Governance possible.
  • In brief, it’s speaking for itself that the better you know your people, the more you can achieve with them.

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