BasicProfileScreen VacancyFit
BasicProfileScreen VacancyFit
Darwins ‘Fit’

The organism that fits best within its habitat has the best chances to survive (Survival of the fittest).

This scientific dogma is applicable on the labour market as well.

Job Requirements & Working Climate 

Every job imposes specific requirements in terms of dynamics, social interactions and tasks.

Every organisation creates a unique working climate with specific dynamics, an own social climate and an own culture of values and norms. This is what we call a working climate.

This means that a good technician in company A can become a bad one in company B because he can’t get used to the new working climate.

The better a professional personality fits with Job requirements AND Working climate, the higher the chances on professional success.



VacancyFit = Double ‘Fit’

An employee who’s still cheerful after two years working at a call center finds his/her place, not alone because he/she is pleased with the tasks (intrinsic motivation) but because he/she likes the working climate as well (colleague’s, boss, rules and culture).

Double Fit = Intrinsic Motivation + Fitting working climate.



We know that the mixture between jobrequirements and working climate reflects in the average profile of a sample of employees doing their job for some time with pleasure at the same company.

This is what we call an Empirical Reference Profile and that can be used as a JobMatcher in a lot of circumstances.